Personal Training
What's My Training Style ?  

I am a firm believe in efficiency, foundation, results, and fun.

Efficiency: Your time is valuable. There is no need to work out for hours at a time. One hour, 4-5 times per week is plenty! The programs I design for my clients reflect this.

Foundation: You must have a strong cardiovascular and muscular foundation to be fit, strong, and healthy. Your program will focus on building that so you see maximum results.

Results: No description required! You put in the work, eat right, be consistent, and you will see results based on your program!

Fun: You won't work out if it's not fun. Don't like the club? No worries, I'll help you find something you enjoy. We can work out anywhere! We can do anything from a kick-butt circuit, boot camp, or traditional weights. Whatever we do, it'll be fun!

I'm not training clients one-on-one at this point in time, however my philosophy is the same for group programs and fitness classes so have left it on the site. I'm always happy to talk fitness with anyone so if you'd like to chat, drop me an email.